NNTPGrab 0.6.2 released

NNTPGrab 0.6.2 has just been released. This is a bug fix release
Added by Alguno over 6 years ago

Hi everybody,

NNTPGrab 0.6.2 has just been released. This is a bug fix release containing fixes for the following bugs:

  • Added support for Windows x64
  • When connecting to servers, keep the results of all DNS lookups in a cache so reconnecting can be done faster. This should also lower the possibility of the error message 'No hostname could be found for servername x' from occuring
  • Automatically retry connecting to usenet servers when a connection error has occured. This should fix a bug where the download queue could hang when the network connection is unstable
  • Very small files could get stuck in the download queue. Fixed
  • In a rare situation, the program could deadlock while trying to remove a file from the download queue. Fixed
  • Really disable activating the automatic import on Mac OS X
  • Fixed a crash which could occur on shutdown on Win32/Win64 environments
  • When a network disconnect is discovered by the NetworkManager plugin, the download queue would always get stopped, even when the download queue was inactive. Improved the handling of this situation
  • Don't wait for active decode actions to be completed before applying configuration changes. This fixes a temporary hang or a deadlock which could occur when changing something in the configuration while a file is being decoded
  • The download queue could get in an undefined state when applying multiple configuration changes very quick after each other. Fixed
  • When using collection names > 128 characters some error messages could pop up while adding files or performing a PAR2 repair or an unpack. Fixed

This new version can be downloaded from the Downloads page