NNTPGrab 0.7.1 released

Added by Alguno over 5 years ago

NNTPGrab 0.7.1 has just been released. This is a bugfix release and contains the following changes:

  • Added Turkish translation
  • Updated the French translation
  • Various messages coming from the NNTPGrab Core didn't get translated in the Qt frontend. Fixed
  • When an error occurs while a NZB file is imported an incomplete message would get shown in the Qt frontend. Fixed
  • Added support to check the maintenance status of the Online Search service so that user-friendly messages can be shown when the Online Search service is down for maintenance
  • When trying to unpack an password-protected archive let the user know that they have to manually unpack the archive as NNTPGrab doesn't support unpacking password-protected archives yet
  • The NNTPGrab Qt Server could crash when a file changed state. Fixed. Bug #87
  • Clicking on the 'Connect' button in the startup dialog could cause an assertion error when using GTK3. Fixed

This new version can be found at the Downloads page