From 11/21/2010 to 12/20/2010


11:10 pm NNTPGrab 0.6.91 (0.7 Beta 2) released
The second beta of the NNTPGrab 0.7 branch has just been released.
The Qt frontend (which was introduced in the firs...
04:38 pm Revision 1801: NNTPGrab 0.6.91 tagged
02:36 pm Revision 1800: Fixed a compile warning on Win32
Some files were missing from the 'make dist'. Fixed Alguno
01:42 am Revision 1799: Executing files and opening download folders using the Qt frontend was broken on W...


08:38 pm Revision 1798: - Give the various columns in the download queue a more sane width in the Qt frontend
- When a connection error occurs on Win32, the reason 'Unknown error' could be given instead
of the real error. Cha...
12:52 am Revision 1797: - Replace the atoll and snprintf functions in the decoder plugin with their GLib c...
- Try to load the exchndl.dll file on Win32/Win64 when running the Qt frontend Alguno


09:00 pm Revision 1796: Fixed a possible segfault in the JSON-RPC plugin which only occured on OSX
05:37 pm Revision 1795: Enable the .nzb file association in the Qt frontend for Mac OS X
04:45 pm Revision 1794: Changes in the Qt frontend:
- Auto-import wasn't working on OSX and when the program is running in networked mode
- Notifications didn't work on ...


09:08 pm Revision 1793: When adding a new server in the Qt frontend, make sure that the server is enabled ...
08:09 pm Revision 1792: Show a notification when a NZB file is automatically imported when using the Qt fr...
07:24 pm Revision 1791: - Fixed a small regression in the Qt frontend introduced by the previous commit
- Catch the <DEL> key in the Qt frontend when in the download queue tab Alguno
06:43 pm Revision 1790: - Use a QDirModel instead of a QFileSystemModel for configuration
of the various folders in the Qt frontend as sorting is currently
broken in QFileSystemModel (QT-BUG 12934)
- Bumpe...


08:16 pm Revision 1789: Added some code to prevent a possible segfault in the unpack code in the Qt frontend
05:39 pm Revision 1788: - Added 2 new events to the unpack plugin: unpack_success and unpack_failure
- Prevent the NNTPGrab Core and Glue layer from emitting too many 'part_progress_update'
events when the frontend c...


12:54 am Revision 1787: Fixed another situation where the schedular could get suspended while it shouldn't
12:35 am Revision 1786: The schedular could get suspended automatically when all connection attempts
to all servers failed for some reason without trying to re-connect. Fixed Alguno


07:31 pm Revision 1785: - Compile fix for environments with gnutls 2.1.6 or older
- Bundle all Qt files during 'make dist'
- Bumped the release date in the ChangeLog
05:10 pm Revision 1784: Disabled the automatic calculation of time remaining for each individual
file in the Qt frontend again as it still appears to be too CPU-intensive Alguno
02:49 pm Revision 1783: - The 'hide inactive connections' option in the Qt frontend required a
restart in order for the change to be applied. Fixed
- Build the OSX package against the new cross compiler framework


10:20 pm Bug #35: Slow downloads since 0.6.x
Support has been added for using GNUTLS instead of OpenSSL in NNTPGrab 0.6.91. The performance might be better with t... Alguno
10:17 pm Feature #2 (Closed): Qt frontend
All features are now implemented in the Qt frontend and it has become the default frontend for Win32, Win64 and Mac O... Alguno
10:16 pm Bug #39 (Closed): Nntpgrab crashed bij het verwerken van laatste nzb file
09:42 pm Revision 1782: Updated ChangeLog
08:55 pm Revision 1781: Moving files or collections should be fully operational again in the Qt frontend.
The selection should also remain intact while moving files or collections Alguno


08:45 pm Revision 1780: Increased the recv buffer for requests in the JSON-RPC plugin from 64K to 512K.
Should reduce the chance that clients get disconnected with a 'Too long request received' error Alguno


09:39 pm Revision 1779: The buttons which can be used to move the position of items in the download queue ...
03:11 pm Revision 1778: Re-implemented the download queue slots in the Qt frontend (because of the view->m...
12:56 am Revision 1777: - Fixed a situation where the logger plugin didn't work correctly. Fixed
- Fixed a possible schedular deadlock which could be triggered when an error during the decoding has occured
- When m...


08:46 pm Revision 1776: Use a QTreeView (+model) instead of a QTreeWidget to show the download queue in th...
This is done for performance reasons. Right now only the showing of the download queue
is implemented. The rest is br...


03:43 am Feature #63 (New): Auto-import already existing files on startup of NNTPGrab
As described in the title, nzb files do not get autoimportet if the file is getting placed in the directory nntpgrab ... ursli
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