From 06/21/2011 to 07/20/2011


02:10 pm Revision 1867: Bundle libssp-0.dll with the win64 installer
01:22 am NNTPGrab 0.6.92 (0.7 Beta 3) released
It may have looked like the NNTPGrab project turned dead, but that doesn't seem to be the case
The development got s...


11:33 pm Revision 1866: NNTPGrab 0.6.92 tagged (again)
11:31 pm Revision 1865: - Bumped the requirement for the GIO connection backend to glib/gio >= 2.28.0 (GPo...
- Dropped the tag Alguno
09:53 pm Revision 1864: NNTPGrab 0.6.92 tagged
08:00 pm Revision 1863: - Trying to import files using the online search in the Qt frontend could result i...
- Added a new configure argument: --disable-online-tests which disables the testcases which require an internet conne... Alguno
03:21 pm Revision 1862: - The online search didn't work in the Qt frontend on Mac OS X. Fixed
- Hide the online search options from the Gtk frontend as they're unimplemented at the moment Alguno


08:53 pm Feature #37 (Closed): Remove collections from download queue when completed
Applied in changeset r1861.
Snapshots can be found at the following URLs:
08:53 pm Revision 1861: Implemented a new option: Automatically remove collections from the download queue...
07:12 pm Feature #80 (Closed): Remove items from queue after completion
07:12 pm Feature #80: Remove items from queue after completion
Yes it is, marking this feature as duplicate Alguno
06:35 pm Feature #80: Remove items from queue after completion
This is a duplicate of Issue #37 I think. chrashoverraid
05:47 pm Revision 1860: Automatically save the download queue after each succesful PAR2 repair and automat...
05:44 pm Feature #80 (Closed): Remove items from queue after completion
Add an option to automatically remove items from the download queue once they have been completed. W3ird_N3rd
12:21 pm Revision 1859: Workaround some gcc issues on Mac OS X
12:04 pm Revision 1858: - Fixed a small regression in the JSON-RPC code
- Fixed a compile error on Win32/Win64 Alguno
11:32 am Revision 1857: - Don't try to import old .nzb files on Mac OS X when a new .nzb file is detected ...
- Resolved various compiler warnings
- Updated the ChangeLog


03:02 pm Revision 1856: Hide the File menu item on Mac OS X as the close program button is already availab...
02:24 pm Revision 1855: - Due to a regression which got introduced in r1838 the parsing of null-values in ...
- Added a testcase for this issue Alguno


12:28 am Revision 1854: - Added a new configure argument which disables building the testsuite: --disable-...
- Added a timeout of 30 seconds to each Online Search request
- Use a more valid timestamp in the Online Search testc...


07:04 pm Revision 1853: - Make sure that all file size changes are maintained by the NNTPGrab Core instead...
Should fix a situation where negative percentages could be shown in the Qt frontend for the download progress of a co... Alguno


07:38 pm Revision 1852: - Optimized the search phase of the Online Search by showing only 100 results at a...
- Optimized the import phase of the Online Search by sending the stamp of the oldest and newest files along with the ... Alguno


07:20 pm Revision 1851: Fixed two more situations where files from the download queue could get skipped
05:41 pm Feature #78 (Closed): Aanvulling op "intelligente PAR2 downloader"
Applied in changeset r1850.
Snapshots can be found at the following URLs:
05:40 pm Revision 1850: Split out the configuration option 'Remove files after repair and unpack'
in two separate options as suggested by feature request #78. Closes #78 Alguno
04:49 pm Revision 1849: When calculating the progress of all collection downloads, ignore all skipped files.
This prevents the situation where newly added collections (containing .par2 files)
automatically are already complete...
02:33 pm Revision 1848: Bundle libffi-6.dll with the Win32 and Win64 installers as it's required for the m...
12:27 am Revision 1847: - Version bump to 0.6.92
- Added various new testcases to the download queue testsuite
- Files could get skipped in two situations:
- When a...


06:13 pm Bug #68 (Closed): Uitpakken werkt niet
Geen reactie, bug wordt gesloten Alguno
05:13 pm Revision 1846: - Added several headers from the nntpgrab_core to the ignore list for the document...
- Increased the read timeout in the nntpconnection_backend testcases from 1 second to 5 seconds Alguno
04:07 pm Revision 1845: - Fixed a situation where the schedular could get suspended too soon
- Fixed a situation where files could get skipped during download
- Improved the download queue testcases and added 2...
01:22 am Revision 1844: Missing file
01:09 am Revision 1843: - Fixed various small issues in the get_next_part_to_download code
- Moved the code which triggers the decoder to a more sane place
- Added various testcases for download queue operati...


12:48 am Revision 1842: - Make sure that the GIO modules are placed in the correct folder on Win32/Win64
- Properly initialize a GStaticMutex in the GNUTLS code
- Fixed a crash in the libgcrypt library on Win32 (SSL downlo...


09:25 pm Feature #78: Aanvulling op "intelligente PAR2 downloader"
Het gaat er om dat iedereen het meteen snapt. Dat is niet eenvoudig.
Een opsplitsing zou het zeker verhelderen en je...
05:39 pm Bug #75: Opstarten NNTPGrab (normale en 64bit) duurt erg lang op Windows vista
Alguno wrote:
> Heb je nog steeds last van dit probleem met
04:35 pm Revision 1841: Added another file required for enabling SSL/TLS support on Win32/Win64 using the ...
03:49 pm Revision 1840: - Added glib-networking library to the Win32/Win64 installers (fixes 'TLS support ...
- Dropped the OpenSSL libraries from the Win32/Win64 installers as it's unused anymore
- Properly initialize the tray...
12:37 am Revision 1839: Optimzed the retrieval of tasks from the download queue by caching the last known ...
This eliminates the need to navigate through the entire download queue for every time that a new
task is requested by...


10:27 pm Feature #78: Aanvulling op "intelligente PAR2 downloader"
Ik kan er eventueel ook 2 aparte opties voor maken als dat het duidelijker maakt Alguno
10:18 pm Feature #78: Aanvulling op "intelligente PAR2 downloader"
Dat is inderdaad wat ik voor ogen had, echter de tekst bij deze laatste optie deed me ze niet kiezen.
Er staat "ver...
09:24 pm Feature #78 (In Progress): Aanvulling op "intelligente PAR2 downloader"
Als het goed is kan je het gewenste gedrag al bereiken door de optie 'Automatisch uitpakken na het downloaden' uit te... Alguno
08:08 pm Bug #68: Uitpakken werkt niet
Is dit probleem nog steeds aanwezig met ? Alguno
08:06 pm Bug #75: Opstarten NNTPGrab (normale en 64bit) duurt erg lang op Windows vista
Heb je nog steeds last van dit probleem met Alguno
07:19 pm Bug #79 (Closed): Crash on prepared request
Applied in changeset r1838.
Snapshots can be found at the following URLs:
07:19 pm Revision 1838: - Don't crash when in invalid jsonrpc request is being parsed. Closes #79
- Added a testcase for this crash Alguno
06:44 pm Bug #79 (In Progress): Crash on prepared request
Thanks for the bugreport. I managed to reproduce it. Fix will follow soon Alguno
06:26 pm Bug #79 (Closed): Crash on prepared request
When performing a special request the GUI crashes.
I know the request is invalid, but the program crashes.
When p...


05:09 pm Revision 1837: The configuration settings of the Qt frontend were saved in the wrong location on ...


03:47 pm Revision 1836: Implemented a new option: Send GROUP command before downloading
Some buggy usenet servers seem to require such a feature (such as Ziggo) Alguno
12:23 am Revision 1835: Implemented the online search optimalisations in the GTK frontend


10:41 pm Revision 1834: Moved various defines to the config.h file to simplify the script, th...
08:07 pm Revision 1833: Implemented various optimalisations in the Online Search
The implementation of these features still needs to be done for the GTK frontend Alguno
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