From 08/20/2011 to 09/18/2011


12:29 pm Bug #82: ~100% Intern geheugen gebruik 64-bit NNTPgrab 0.6.92
Graag zou ik nog meer informatie over dit probleem willen ontvangen.
Zonder deze informatie kan ik niets doen om het...
12:28 pm Bug #75: Opstarten NNTPGrab (normale en 64bit) duurt erg lang op Windows vista
Kan je aangeven of het probleem ondertussen verholpen is met NNTPGrab 0.7.0?
Mocht je hier geen reactie op geven zal...
12:23 pm NNTPGrab 0.7.0 released
It has already been over a year since the last stable release of NNTPGrab.
About time to change that! That's why we ...


03:10 pm Revision 1892: NNTPGrab 0.7.0 tagged
03:08 pm Revision 1891: Bumped the 0.7.0 release date in the ChangeLog again


08:19 pm Revision 1890: When the Qt frontend is started on a clean environment, save the default gui confi...
07:02 pm Revision 1889: - Bundle the file loaders.cache instead of gdk-pixbuf.loaders in the Win64 setup a...
- Bumped the 0.7.0 release date in the ChangeLog Alguno
03:35 pm Revision 1888: On the first time start up of the Qt frontend, use 'localhost' as default address ...


09:39 pm Revision 1887: - Made the columns in the Online Search tab resizable
- Updated the ChangeLog Alguno


06:18 pm Revision 1886: When the schedular is stopped due to an error, it wasn't possible to
restart the schedular anymore in the Qt frontend. Fixed Alguno
02:42 pm Revision 1885: Updated ChangeLog
02:34 pm Bug #85 (Closed): Files ready to be decoded can hang until the next program restart
Applied in changeset r1884.
Snapshots can be found at the following URLs:
02:34 pm Revision 1884: Check if there are any files which are ready to be decoded every time the download...
Previously, this only happened once when the download queue was started for the first time. Closes #85 Alguno
01:18 pm Revision 1883: The intelligent PAR2 downloader, automatic PAR2 repair and automatic unpack wouldn...
collections which contain one or more files which are fully unavailable on all the usenet servers. Fixed Alguno


10:49 pm Revision 1882: - Version bump to 0.7.0
- Fixed a slight gtk3 regression which was introduced in r1881
- When adding files the download progress percentage c...
06:34 pm Bug #75: Opstarten NNTPGrab (normale en 64bit) duurt erg lang op Windows vista
Is dit probleem nog steeds relevant? Alguno
06:34 pm Bug #82: ~100% Intern geheugen gebruik 64-bit NNTPgrab 0.6.92
Zou je wat meer informatie over dit issue kunnen geven? Zonder aanvullende informatie kan ik namelijk geen onderzoek ... Alguno
06:23 pm Revision 1881: - Event handling was broken on RHEL5/CentOS5 (as mentioned at http://www.nntpgrab....
- Don't show the automatic unpack options in the configuration tab on RHEL5/CentOS5 as these features aren't availabl... Alguno
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