NNTPGrab 0.6.90 (0.7 Beta 1) released

Added by Alguno over 6 years ago

The first beta of the NNTPGrab 0.7 branch has just been released.
Various new features have been added to this branch which have been requested by our users.

The first new feature is also the most interesting one. From now on PAR2 files will only be downloaded when necessary.
When importing files the PAR2 recovery files will automatically get skipped. After all the regular files are
downloaded, the program checks whether a repair is necessary and automatically downloads the number of PAR2 recovery files required.
Afterwards, the repair will get resumed automatically.

Users upgrading from an older version of NNTPGrab need to enable this feature manually in the configuration.

From this version of the download queue will be maintained in an own file format (this used to be SQLite).
With the new file format download queue manipulations can be done a lot quicker than before.
Especially embedded environments benefit from this change. Users with an older version of NNTPGrab
need to finish their old downloads first before upgrading to this version as the old and new file format
aren't compatible with each other.

Speaking about embedded environments: Several dependencies have been eliminated from the program in order
to make it more suitable for embedded environments. Next to the SQLite dependency which was mentioned earlier,
the depedency on libxml2 has also been stripped from the NNTPGrab. The dependencies libgnome and gtkhtml3 have
also been stripped from the GTK frontend.

A new Qt-based frontend for the NNTPGrab Server has made it's appearance in the 0.6 branch of NNTPGrab.
In this version, a new Qt-based frontend has been introduced for the regular NNTPGrab program.
This frontend brings a much butter look-and-feel on Windows and Mac OS X environments than the original Gtk-based frontend.
There are still some features missing from this Qt-based frontend, but the most important ones are already there.
In the next beta more features will be added to this frontend. We're still looking for people to help out with
the development of this new frontend so if you've got any experience in developing Qt-based applications help will be
very much appreciated to finish this frontend!

Several changes have been done in order to make it easier for developers to communicate with NNTPGrab and extend it.
Support has been added for GObject-Introspection. This makes it possible to call NNTPGrab functions
from various programming languages like Java, JavaScript and Python. This technology will also be used in the upcoming GNOME3.
In preparation for that support has also been added for GTK3
The API documentation has also improved in this version and can be found at http://nntpgrab.nl/embedded/nntpgrab/docs/index.html

Finally a feature has been re-introduced which was out of order for a while: the integrated search engine.
From this version on this feature can be used by everybody again. The retention for most newsgroups is currently over a year.
The retention for the largest dump groups is more than 150 days at the moment and it's still growing.
If you find that a newsgroup is missing, let us know on the forum and we'll add it as soon as possible.

The complete list of changes can be found at the Version history page
This new version can be downloaded from the Downloads Testing page