NNTPGrab 0.6.92 (0.7 Beta 3) released

Added by Alguno over 5 years ago

It may have looked like the NNTPGrab project turned dead, but that doesn't seem to be the case
The development got stalled in the last few months due to other duties, but finally we managed to
get a new version of the program released: NNTPGrab 0.6.92 (0.7 Beta 3)

As the name might suspect this is the third beta version of the 0.7 branch. This version can actually be
seen as a release candidate. All planned features are implemented now and the various components in the
program work stable. It is expected that on very short term (depending on user feedback) the 0.7.0 version
will be released which will be marked as a stable release.

Compared to the previous beta (0.6.91) various changes have been applied. Here's a short overview:

From now on it is possible to have the program automatically remove collections from the download queue once
they're downloaded (and optionally repaired/unpacked). This option is disabled by default, so if you want to
use this feature you'd have to enable it first in the configuration.

Another new feature is an option called 'Send GROUP command before downloading'.
This option is meant for certain buggy usenet server. It turned out that some usenet servers will only have
files ready for download once a GROUP command has been performed. If you notice that during the download
the connection to the usenet server is unstable or a large number of files are missing (while they are
expected on the server) you may want to try to enable this option. This option is disabled by default as
most usenet servers work fine without this option being enabled.

Various optimalisations have been applied in the Online Search feature. This should make searching and importing
files much faster than before. At the time this text was written there still are several optimalisation tasks
running at the server side in the database, so chances are that the results aren't entirely up to date at the moment.
Performing searching and importing files should work fine now. It is expected that the search engine will be fully
up to date in a couple of days. If you encounter anything strange, please report these issues at the NNTPGrab forum.

Next to these features the regular bunch of bugfixes and optimalisations have also been applied.
Compared to the 0.6.91 version the maximum download speed should be higher as well. In local testing
we managed to get top download speeds of up to 25MB/sec while this used to be around 15MB/sec in the 0.6.91 version

The complete list of changes can be found at the Version history page
This new version can be downloaded from the Downloads Testing page