From 05/07/2010 to 06/05/2010


09:17 pm Feature #32 (New): Sort files listed from the NZB in the download queue
Sort the files in the download queue so that the small .par2 is downloaded first, than all main files (.rar, .r01...)... RomMon
04:00 pm NNTPGrab 0.6.2 released
Hi everybody,
NNTPGrab 0.6.2 has just been released. This is a bug fix release containing fixes for the following ...
02:01 pm Revision 1644: NNTPGrab 0.6.2 tagged
12:40 am Bug #31 (Closed): Some translation errors in estimate time
Applied in changeset r1643. Alguno
12:39 am Revision 1643: Renamed the configuration option 'Estimated end time' to 'Estimated time remaining...


05:03 pm New website
As of today a new website has been launched for NNTPGrab!
The most important addition of this website is an forum ...


09:51 pm Revision 1642: Make the 'manage plugins' window a bit larger so there's no wrapping
08:12 pm Revision 1641: A small regression was introduced in r1638 which could cause a 100% CPU usage loop...


11:14 pm Bug #31 (Closed): Some translation errors in estimate time
In the configuration window, you can turn on "estimated end time" and "estimated time to finish", to show in the down... KopjeKoffie


08:57 pm Revision 1640: Version bump to 0.6.2
Refs #5 (test for redmine) Alguno
02:56 pm Revision 1639: Previous commit wasn't complete
02:33 pm Revision 1638: Only read from the socket when there's no newline in the buffer or when we need to...
This should fix a bug where very small files could get stuck in the download queue Alguno


08:59 pm Revision 1637: - The download queue could get in an undefined state when applying multiple config...
- Updated the ChangeLog Alguno
06:12 pm Feature #30 (Closed): Allow features to be disabled in the ./configure script
The ./configure script currently checks for various dependencies. Some of these are optional. Some people would like ... Alguno
06:07 pm Feature #29 (New): Let NNTPGrab remember the position and size of tabs in Download Queue section
This feature request is copied over from the old website
NNTPgrab doesn't remember the position and size of the ta...
06:06 pm Feature #28 (New): Automatic RSS import
This feature is copied over from the old website
A functionality to automatically import NZB files via an RSS feed...
06:04 pm Feature #27 (New): Make the various timeout values customizable
Various counters like the read timeout and reconnect interval are hardcoded. The user should have the possibility to ... Alguno
06:02 pm Feature #26 (New): Download files to RAM
Currently all downloaded part data is saved to disk and when all parts are downloaded, all parts are read again and d... Alguno
05:59 pm Feature #25 (Closed): Change download folder for individual collections
Duplicate of bug #14 Alguno
05:58 pm Feature #25 (Closed): Change download folder for individual collections
This feature request is copied over from the old website
Allow user to change the download folder by right-clickin...
05:57 pm Feature #24 (New): More conservative SSL certificate handling
This feature request is copied over from the old website
Allow user to accept, temporary accept, or deny a (self-s...
05:56 pm Feature #23 (New): Maintain speed monitor information over a longer interval
This feature request is copied over from the old website
Make the display period of the speed-monitor settable fro...
05:54 pm Feature #22 (Closed): Download counters per server and total
This feature request is copied over from the old website
Counters for each provisioned server that show the curren...
05:53 pm Feature #21 (New): Assign categories
This feature request is moved over from the old website
An ability to create categories and assign these to collec...
05:51 pm Feature #20 (New): Disabling or pause one or more download threads temporarely
This feature request is moved over from the old website
In newsleecher a thread can be paused/stopped and later st...


10:22 pm Revision 1636: Compile fix and a small 64bit specific fix
10:15 pm Revision 1635: While decoding files, also calculate a MD5 hash. This is required for the intellig...


09:00 pm Revision 1634: Don't use g_module_close() on Win32/Win64 as it causes a crash when the program is...
06:30 pm Feature #19 (Closed): Drop GtkHTML dependency
Applied in changeset r1633. Alguno
03:32 pm Revision 1633: Use g_fopen instead of fopen for the new download queue file to avoid locale issue...
Previous commit closes #19 (this is a test for redmine) Alguno
03:19 pm Feature #19 (Resolved): Drop GtkHTML dependency
Applied in changeset r1632. Alguno
03:14 pm Revision 1632: Completed the removal of GtkHTML. Closes #19


03:57 pm Revision 1631: Dropped the GtkHTML dependency
The update information tab isn't fully ported yet. refs #19 Alguno
02:53 pm Feature #19 (Closed): Drop GtkHTML dependency
At the moment, GtkHTML is used to show update information on the 'Information' tab of the program.
The only reason w...


03:08 pm Feature #18 (New): Allow NNTPGrab to be used by multiple users
It should be possible that NNTPGrab can be used by multiple users at the same time.
This means that each user can ad...
03:02 pm Feature #17 (New): Support for scheduled downloads
Right now it isn't possible to indicate at which times during the day/week all downloads needs to be done.
With such...
03:00 pm Feature #16 (New): Support for time-based bandwidth limiting
In NNTPGrab 0.6.0, support to perform bandwidth limiting has been introduced.
This feature can be extended so that t...
02:59 pm Feature #15 (Closed): Add support to browse newsgroups
For low volume newsgroups it's good to have the ability to browse them.
There are two possible directions which can ...
02:52 pm Feature #14 (New): Add ability to change download folder on a per-collection basis
Right now it's only possible to have one global download folder. It should be possible that
a download folder can be...
02:51 pm Feature #13 (New): Add support for scheduled NZB searches and imports
With the NZBCreator it's possible to search the usenet.
Right now this is a manual process. It would be useful if pr...
02:47 pm Feature #12 (In Progress): Add support for downloads counters
A plugin needs to be created which can keep track of the usenet traffic.
With this information users can find out th...
02:45 pm Feature #11 (New): Webinterface implement NZBCreator
Implement the NZBCreator in the webinterface renelux
02:13 pm Feature #10 (Closed): Handle uploads in the integrated webserver
The implement the ability to upload a NZB it would be usefull if the webserver can handle file uploads and that they ... renelux
02:11 pm Feature #9 (New): NZB upload through the webinterface
The button in the webinterface to upload NZB and add them to the queue isn't implemented yet. renelux
02:08 pm Feature #8 (New): Options implemented in the webinterface
The basic program options such as download folder and news server should be implemented to the webinterface. renelux
02:07 pm Feature #7 (New): Repair & Unpack integrated in the webinterface
In the current version the webinterface the tab Repair & Unpack isn't integrated yet. This should show the files that... renelux
01:47 pm Feature #6 (Closed): Online search reachable through JSON-RPC
It would be nice if the Online search would be reachable through JSON-RPC
A function to do a search and put the se...
12:01 am Revision 1630: - Perform the importing of files using the NZBCreator in a seperate thread to avoi...
- Fixed a memory leak which occured while importing files using the NZBCreator Alguno


11:22 pm Revision 1629: Fixed a small bug which was introduced in the previous commit


06:57 pm Revision 1628: When a network disconnect is discovered by the NetworkManager plugin, the download...
would always get stopped, even when the download queue was inactive. Added some more
logic to improve handling this s...


11:00 pm Revision 1627: Don't wait for active decode actions to be completed before applying configuration...
This fixes a temporary hang or a deadlock which could occur when changing something in
the configuration while a file...


10:44 pm Feature #5 (Closed): Create a Windows x64 version of NNTPGrab
As of May 16 2010, snapshots automatically get created after each commit for Windows x64 environments and published a... Alguno


05:03 pm Revision 1626: Install the Win64 files in C:\Program Files instead of C:\Program Files (x86)
12:57 am Revision 1625: Added support for creating a setup.exe for Windows x64 environments


01:28 pm Feature #5 (Closed): Create a Windows x64 version of NNTPGrab
These days, more and more software gets built for the x64 version of Windows.
On Linux x64 environments the program ...


06:13 pm Feature #3 (Closed): Improve performance of download queue manipulations
06:12 pm Feature #3: Improve performance of download queue manipulations
The SQLite3 dependency has been replaced by a raw file format in r1622 admin
06:11 pm Feature #3 (Resolved): Improve performance of download queue manipulations
06:09 pm Feature #4 (Closed): Make NNTPGrab ready for Fonera environments
The Fonera is an embedded Linux router. As it's Linux based it should be possible to get Linux software running on su... Alguno
06:06 pm Feature #3 (Closed): Improve performance of download queue manipulations
At the moment, NNTPGrab uses a SQLite3 database to maintain the download queue.
This method has proven to be too slo...
06:03 pm Feature #2 (Closed): Qt frontend
The current NNTPGrab GUI is created using GTK+.
While GTK+ works fine on Linux, support on Windows and Mac OS X is i...
06:00 pm Feature #1 (Closed): Intelligent PAR2 downloader
Right now NNTPGrab downloads all files in a collection.
Frequently it occurs that a collection contains more PAR2 re...


11:28 pm Revision 1624: - Fixed a possible race condition in the download thread which could result in a s...
- The environment variable NNTPGRAB_CONFIG_DIR wasn't handled properly in all situations. Fixed (trunk only) Alguno


08:40 pm Revision 1623: Added two new environment variables which can be used to influence some default se...
Location where the configuration files and download queue need to be saved
05:38 pm Revision 1622: Both NNTPGrab 0.6 and trunk:
- Added the <TAB> character to the list of forbidden characters for collection names
Trunk only:
- Dropped the SQLite...


09:00 pm Revision 1621: - When using collection names > 128 characters some error messages could pop up wh...
- When importing files using the NZBCreator, use a more generic collection name instead of the name of the first file Alguno


08:47 pm Revision 1620: Automatically retry connecting to usenet servers when a connection error has occured
This should fix a bug where the download queue could hang when the network connection is unstable Alguno
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